Jun 072007

I have tried and tested many Windows Mobile 5 applications in my day. I’m picky. I want it to work, and I want it free. If I cant find a free solution I want it to be cheap…and it better REALLY work. I know everybody has their own favorites, well its time for mine:

And now, in no particular order, some links and descriptions of nifty Pocket PC / Windows Mobile software that I use:

Microsoft Live Search for Mobile: I’ve had the occasion to use Live Search on a day trip across the state recently. It was easier to map out my route and locate businesses in the area with Live Search than the way I used to map everything out. Give it a try, you’ll like it.

pRSSreader: If you know the awesome power of RSS feeds, here’s a way to keep up with ALL of your feeds on the go. Local caching for off line browsing as well. Powerful bit of software. Export your Netvibes OPML file and import it into pRSSreader

GSplayer: GSPlayer is an application for streaming audio on your Windows Mobile device. I use GSplayer to stream my local NPR station while I work (or in the shower). I would be lost without this application to get me through the day.

PocketIRC: PocketIRC is the best IRC client for Windows Mobile that I have used..and I’ve used them all. So if you are still rocking it 0ldsch00l on IRC take a look at this bit of software.

IM+: SHAPE Services’ IM+ product costs about $40. With that said, its the best Instant Messaging client I’ve use don the the Windows Mobile platform. IM+ has versions for many platforms, but I have not tried them. You can download a 7 day free trial from the site and give it a spin. This client allows connections to the following IM services: MSN®/ Windows Live Messenger™, AIM®/ iChat, ICQ®, Jabber®, Google® Talk and Yahoo®.

Splashblog: Photo blogging made easy. I’m a big fan of this service.

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