Jun 082007

The following videos should serve as an introduction to "Web 2.0" theories and practices. Web 2.0 has many different definitions, and I don’t want to get into that debate. However I use it as a generic term when referring to "new" web technologies that are social/publisher driven or highly interactive. Web 2.0 also can include social networks, collaboration, and even the global economy. These videos will help explain what the theories behind web 2.0 are from many different viewpoints. I would highly suggest sending this article to anybody you’ve been trying to explain Web 2.0 to.

I’ve found that trying to get people interested in learning more about how to use technology is like pulling teeth. If you show them some web application or widget they say "hey thats cool" but do not really understand what they are seeing. The promise of Web 2.0 principals and the often forgotten fact is that this revolution is all about YOU. YOU create the data, YOU share your knowledge, YOU have the power to mix up data from all over the world to view it how you want. And its supposed to be simple. It’s getting simpler everyday. Without further adieu, the videos…


The Machine is Us/ing Us

Cisco CEO John Chambers
preaches Web 2.0 gospel

Web 2.0

Google CEO Eric Schmidt
at the Web 2.0 Expo

World Economic Forum
Annual Meeting 2007
The Impact of Web 2.0

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