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There is a lot of crap in the world of the web right now.  I’ve tested hundreds of web sites in the past few years so I know what works and what doesn’t.  I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing.  The following 50 websites are truly useful.  They include web applications, productivity tools, trusted retailers, fun stuff, and useful resources for information.  In no way is this meant to be a complete listing of all the good websites on the web right now, but at least a cross section of some of the quality websites available right now that I have reviewed.  So give some of these websites a spin.  If you like what you see, help spread the w0rd.  Trust me, I’m a expert.  Please feel free to post your own favorite useful websites in the comments at the bottom of this post and maybe they will be included in the next roundup. 

And now, in no particular order:


  1. Expensr – Where did my money go?  Track and analyze your expenses with Expensr.  Compare with other people based on tags.
  2. Pandora – A new kind of internet radio where you choose the content.  Works really well at connection you with music you like.  A part of the Music Genome Project.
  3. Speedtest – Connection speed test website.  Great tool for checking your connection out.
  4. Moo PrintingMoo-Mini  cards are hot right now.  You can upload photos from your computer, flickr, secondlife, and more to make your business cards unique.
  5. SidejobTrack – Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor.
  6. del.icio.us – Share and remember your bookmarks.  Access your bookmarks from any computer.
  7. Ziki – Manage your online identity.  Aggregate all of the content you produce online. 
  8. Guerril Mail – Guerrilla Mail provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.
  9. SuprGlu – Generate a digest of your online profiles and activity using RSS feeds.
  10. Netvibes – Personal startpage.  I don’t care what personal startpage you use, only that you use one.  Netvibes gets my vote as the best.
  11. Wikipedia – Massive online encyclopedia.  Content is created by users.
  12. Meebo – Best web based Instant Messaging client.  Allows you to connect to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Jabber, etc… Also allows you to create widgets for your web pages and profiles.
  13. Housecall Antivirus – Web based anti-virus from TrendMicro
  14. WordPress – Your personal digital printing press.  WordPress allows anybody to publish content on a standard platform.
  15. Craigslist – Local social message boards for all kinds of stuff.  I mostly use it to sell stuff and get computer gigs.
  16. UrbanDictionary – Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world. w0rd.
  17. Newegg – One of the greatest online retailers of computer parts and tech stuff.  I’ve used them a lot.
  18. thew0rd – Shameless plug.
  19. Yahoo Pipes – Mash up your RSS feeds and search results from multiple sites into a custom search using the power of multiple sources.
  20. Digg – Decide what news deserves to be important.  Help rate articles and let the world know if they are important.
  21. Twitter – What are you doing?  Let everyone know through quick notes and text messages using your cell.
  22. TwitterVision – If you don’t get that last one, click on TwitterVision and check it out.  TwitterVision is an awesome example of web2.0 technologies, both technical and social, displayed graphically and simply.
  23. w00t – One item.  One day.  Super cheap.  Get there fast before its sold out.
  24. Nintendo8 – Play classic nintendo games online.  Fun when taking a break.
  25. Pogo – Don’t get addicted.  Pogo is a casual gaming community offering dozens of unique and addictive java games.
  26. Crazedlist – Search all of craigslist at once or multiple sections at once.
  27. Mind42 – Web based Mind Mapping software.  Collaborate and share your Mind Maps with colleagues and co-workers.
  28. Tutorom – Online database of video tutorials on a wide range of topics.  Upload your own tutorial and share your knowledge with the world.
  29. Simplyhired – Best online job search engine.  Simplyhired searches tons of job sites at once, saving you time and giving you more access to choices.
  30. Threadless – Unique teeshirts designed by users. 
  31. Etsy – Online marketplace for handmade goods.  Find unique gifts, furnishings, clothes, trinkets, and more.  A very unique site.
  32. WikiHow – Wiki howto database.  Share your knowledge on how to get things done.
  33. MyThings – Keep track of everything you own, its value, and its documentation.  Great for organizing your stuff and for insurance purposes.
  34. Domain Log Book – Keep track of your domains.
  35. Technorati – Blog search engine.  Find out what the people are saying.
  36. Google Analytics – Google’s stats for your website.  Works well and eases the server load from stats scripts running locally.
  37. Joost – IPTV is the future and it appears that Joost is set to deliver.  If you need an invite I might be able to send a couple.
  38. Sourceforge – Largest database of open source software.  Find and participate in thousands of software projects.
  39. Orb.com – Access all of your digital media from any computer anywhere.  Stream movies, music, and live tv to any internet device.
  40. WindizUpdate – Run windows update in Firefox.
  41. Last.fm – Share and discover new music.  Let others know what you are listening to.  Automatically generate streaming stations based on your listening habits.
  42. IsoHunt – Best bit torrent search engine. 
  43. PortableApps – Install Portable versions of your favorite applications on a USB drive.
  44. Picasa – Google’s online photo storage and sharing solution.  More storage than flickr, better interface too.
  45. Gmail – Hands down the best email client and provider.  Tons of storage.  Gmail wins.
  46. DomainTools – Search domain whois records, ping, trace route, dns info, etc… Great resource for admins.
  47. Yahoo Widgets – Add widgets to your Windows or MacOS desktop.
  48. Snapfish – Print your digital photos.  I’ve used this service and they do a great job.
  49. 43things – Announce your goals and plans to the world, get cheered on.
  50. Viddler – Video blogging made simple.  Allows users to comment inside the video.



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  1. I really enjoyed this list. I only have a few suggestions. First I extremely suggest stumbleupon. That is how I found this website. Also i think faststone is a better image editing program than Picasa. I don’t have the exact link but just search it. Otherwise great list.

  2. Great list, I added myself to a few things on there, but stumbleupon should reallly be there, because like Norbet that’s how I found this page :)

  3. I found this site via Stumble Upon as well. I would like a Joost invite. Any idea where I could get one?

  4. great picture quality watch videos films and lots more
    you will have to download divx player to watch
    good site

  5. Great list! I also stumbled upon it. Could you by chance send m a joost invite? My email is
    Thank in advanced :]

  6. Nice work!

  7. Howdy,

    Thanks for the links.
    I humbly request a Joost invite @ r0de0@hotmail.com
    That’s zero’s for oh’s in r0de0…


  8. hi thanks for this got it on stumbleupon as well would love a joost login plzzz help me many thanks :)..email is:)

  9. Im disappointed there are not any OpenID sites listed….

  10. Thanks for the list! You definitely gave me some new sites to checkout.
    Could you help me somehow to receive a Joost invite? I’ve registered & have been waiting for one sometime.
    Thanks in advance

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