Ways to use Twitter [that dont suck]

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Jul 232007

There have been quite a few people bashing Twitter over the past few months. While I do find that the “public” time-line traffic is mostly a bunch of garbage, I think many people are missing one of the major points of Twitter. Within a “real life” social network, Twitter can be a very useful tool to coordinate and mass update people in a group. Friends can form a network within Twitter (by subscribing to eachother) and subscribe to SMS updates via their cell phones. If a group is networked via Twitter the members may send updates to the entire network via their cell phones. This feature can come in handy when making plans that involve large groups of people. Having an SMS conversation to coordinate groups of people becomes very easy.

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Treo™ 700w 700wx Updater 1.22

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Jul 202007

Wow, looks like palm quietly released an update to the Treo 700w / 700wx for Verizon. I may test this update soon. I have already hacked the Bluetooth on my 700w to allow A2DP to work with my Motorola HT280 wireless headphones. PDAnet has already added the ability to use Bluetooth DUN. Sometimes upgrades like this scare me, they might break what I’ve already done. I will be using Palm’s “Sprite Backup” utility to make a complete backup of my Treo incase the official update screws it up. I will let you know how it goes if I do it.

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The w0rd: Changes are coming

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Jul 202007

Lots of exciting things happening the past weeks. It has been difficult to keep up with everything. I just started blogging about 2 months ago, but I still find it hard to relay the information I come across in a timely fashion. By the time I get around to writing an article on a topic, its either been talked to death on other pages or I’ve come across something even more exciting to write about. I’m going to be re-designing thew0rd.com soon. I also want to incorporate other tools I’ve found that are useful in relaying timely information to readers. This site will always be a work in progress, but hopefully the future changes will allow for more frequently updated content. Content that reflects a stream of conscious research on various topics.

When I write a blog article I want the content to be quality. I don’t really believe the main article section should be used to toss up random crap or short blurbs. Posts should be well thought out and contribute to the available information and knowledge. I will be experimenting with micro-blogging options in the future to serve up bite sized information. So yeah, sorry I haven’t posted much lately… but expect more soon.


7.7.07: Live Earth Concert, Streaming Video, and Green Hosting

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Jul 072007

So there is a lot of hype about 7.7.07, so I figured I would chime in with my own notes. Just in case you have been living under a rock, today is the “Live Earth Concert”. The cool thing is that it’s being broadcast live around the world on the internet. Possibly one of the largest streaming events on the internet. While I agree with raising awareness of Environmental issues, I’ve never thought huge concerts were the best way about doing it, but to each his own. Be sure to at least check out the sites as they are interesting. MSN and Microsoft are the sponsors of the technology side, and I do have to admit I am impressed at the level of interactivity and sophistication. Good times indeed.
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Jul 052007

When it comes to consumable media, be it TV, Radio, Music, Internet, or whatever I want it to be free. In some cases I am willing to view advertisements in exchange for access to this media. Much like traditional TV and Radio, the Internet Media will be ad-supported “free”. What’s even better is the amount of content that will be available. Past seasons of your favorite shows, news broadcasts, and any number of entertainment options will be archived and available on demand. The Internet will become the new broadcast medium of choice in the future. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is just starting to take off. Services like Joost, VeohTV, Democracy Player, and other providers are starting to offer the same quality of content you can get with paid basic cable and on-demand services.

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