Jul 072007

So there is a lot of hype about 7.7.07, so I figured I would chime in with my own notes. Just in case you have been living under a rock, today is the “Live Earth Concert”. The cool thing is that it’s being broadcast live around the world on the internet. Possibly one of the largest streaming events on the internet. While I agree with raising awareness of Environmental issues, I’ve never thought huge concerts were the best way about doing it, but to each his own. Be sure to at least check out the sites as they are interesting. MSN and Microsoft are the sponsors of the technology side, and I do have to admit I am impressed at the level of interactivity and sophistication. Good times indeed.

One of the interesting things on the Live Earth page is that they use “green hosting” for their web site hosting. A small step in the chain but worthwhile, as huge server farms use tremendous amounts of energy. The hosting is provided by AISO.Net which uses solar energy to power their facilities. Besides all of the cool internet based technologies, alternative energy technologies are starting to heat up. Should be an interesting few years as those energy technologies receive more investment.

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