Ways to use Twitter [that dont suck]

 Posted by on 2007-07-23 at 18:31  Internet, Mobile
Jul 232007

There have been quite a few people bashing Twitter over the past few months. While I do find that the “public” time-line traffic is mostly a bunch of garbage, I think many people are missing one of the major points of Twitter. Within a “real life” social network, Twitter can be a very useful tool to coordinate and mass update people in a group. Friends can form a network within Twitter (by subscribing to eachother) and subscribe to SMS updates via their cell phones. If a group is networked via Twitter the members may send updates to the entire network via their cell phones. This feature can come in handy when making plans that involve large groups of people. Having an SMS conversation to coordinate groups of people becomes very easy.

Groups could use the features of twitter to plan “outings” to various events. While attending events, conventions, concerts, or traveling, groups have the ability to keep in touch with eachother and have conversations when separated. I feel that Twitter would serve much better as a “social organization” tool versus a “micro blogging” tool. Currently many people use Twitter to announce to nobody in particular what they are doing at that moment. That use does not seem to really suit Twitter.

I’m not huge on “Flash Mobs” but I have seen them in action. If participants were to use Twitter for mass group update, you could spread the information quickly and efficiently. Political action groups and Activists could also use Twitter to keep participants updated. I think more people should use Twitter to coordinate “going out for coffee” rather than announcing the fact that they are “drinking coffee”.

I believe as information becomes more mobile, applications like Twitter will help organize groups in ways never seen before. Thats my 2 cents.

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