Six Apart closes Splashblog, what next?

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Aug 172007

Its been a bad month so far for mobile fans. Treo users got screwed with a bad update from Palm, and now Six Apart is closing my favorite photo blog site, Splashblog. I’ve been using Splashblog for almost 2 years now. It is/was a great photo blogging platform. There wasn’t anything too special about it, except for the fact that it WORKED. Unlike the alternatives, Splashblog was very simple, just photos, a titile, and a description. I liked the way Splashblog handled RSS feeds… very simple and customizable. I used my Splashblog to export the photos from my cell phone to several different websites I run.

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Aug 162007

OMFG! I am really starting to hate Palm. I’ve been a loyal Palm user since the first PDAs. I’m at my wits end. I recently installed the Treo 700w 1.22 update on my Verizon handset, and its got even more bugs than the phone had before! I paid something like $600 for this phone when it came out, and instead of improving the phone, with every update they have made it worse. Palm has now taken down the 1.22 Update because so many users are having issues. There is no ETA on when a fix willbe released, if ever.

For the benefit of anybody who may have already upgraded their Treo to version 1.22 I’ll give you some resources to check on some of the issues involved with the update. After that, I will go on my rant lambasting Palm.
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Netvibes releases mobile version for your pda or cellphone

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Aug 062007

Now you can access Netvibes from your cell phone or other mobile device. For those not familiar with Netvibes it is a Personalized Start Page. Think of it as your personal web dashboard. To give Netvibes mobile a try create a tab called “mobile” on your Netvibes account. Drag rss, email, calendar, and other supported modules into your “mobile” tab. Point your mobile device’s browser to: and enjoy Netvibes content on your phone. I’ve tried it on my Treo 700w and it works. I might even use it instead of the mobile version of Google Reader.

Google goes Mobile: Gmail, Calendar, Youtube, and more on your Cellphone or Smartphone

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Aug 062007

Looks like Google is taking mobile devices a little more seriously now that the iPhone has been released. The mobile versions of Google’s services are working better and better. I use the Treo 700w Windows Mobile device as my main cell phone. I’ve set my home page to Google’s mobile product line at I’ve tried every email and rss reader application for my Treo that is available, none of them were that good. Google’s Mobile RSS Reader works great. I imported my OPML and can read all of my favorite feeds from my phone. Google’s mobile version of gMail is awesome too. I don’t even bother using the built in outlook client anymore. A mobile version of YouTube exists for your video viewing pleasure. You can even view your Picasa photo albums on your mobile device. Other options include: personalized mobile start page, maps, blogger, news, calendar, and sms. So if you have an unlimited internet plan, give Google’s new service offerings a try…I’m using them and loving them.

Defcon 15 News Round-Up

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Aug 062007

Alas, I was unable to attend Defcon this year. It makes me sad. But there is always next year. I tried to follow some of the news coming out of Defcon this year on the web. Below are some of the highlights from the convention (as best as I can tell, not actually being there).
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