Defcon 15 News Round-Up

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Aug 062007

Alas, I was unable to attend Defcon this year. It makes me sad. But there is always next year. I tried to follow some of the news coming out of Defcon this year on the web. Below are some of the highlights from the convention (as best as I can tell, not actually being there).

It seems like the big story this year is that Dateline NBC sent an undercover mole with a hidden camera to the convention. I laughed out loud when I saw this. Having been to Defcon many times in the past, I’ve witnessed first hand what happens to people trying to take pictures and video without permission. Lets just say the practice is “heavily frowned upon”. Good times. When Dark Tangent (creator of Defcon) announced the presence of Michelle Madigan (Associate Producer of NBC Dateline) to the convention, she fled the convention immediately. BUSTED! Wait, it gets better. So as Madigan is running out of the convention hall, she is followed and videoed (see below) as she “runs” to her car and leaves in shame. Funny stuff, typical Defcon shenanigans.

I’ve always been a fan of lock picking. Its fun. Below are some links related to the lock picking events this year:
Hackers click locks open at conference in US
White House High-Security Locks Broken: Bumped and Picked at DefCon

Got to love Defcon. 12 year old girl bumping a lock:

Besides all that I haven’t heard too much in the way of other news. It usually takes people a week to sober up and remember all the really important things that went down at Defcon. So I will keep my eyes open and post any more interesting bits that came out of the convention this year. If you know of anything that went down, or would like to share your experiences this year please comment below!

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