Aug 062007

Looks like Google is taking mobile devices a little more seriously now that the iPhone has been released. The mobile versions of Google’s services are working better and better. I use the Treo 700w Windows Mobile device as my main cell phone. I’ve set my home page to Google’s mobile product line at I’ve tried every email and rss reader application for my Treo that is available, none of them were that good. Google’s Mobile RSS Reader works great. I imported my OPML and can read all of my favorite feeds from my phone. Google’s mobile version of gMail is awesome too. I don’t even bother using the built in outlook client anymore. A mobile version of YouTube exists for your video viewing pleasure. You can even view your Picasa photo albums on your mobile device. Other options include: personalized mobile start page, maps, blogger, news, calendar, and sms. So if you have an unlimited internet plan, give Google’s new service offerings a try…I’m using them and loving them.

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