Six Apart closes Splashblog, what next?

 Posted by on 2007-08-17 at 04:12  Internet, Mobile, News
Aug 172007

Its been a bad month so far for mobile fans. Treo users got screwed with a bad update from Palm, and now Six Apart is closing my favorite photo blog site, Splashblog. I’ve been using Splashblog for almost 2 years now. It is/was a great photo blogging platform. There wasn’t anything too special about it, except for the fact that it WORKED. Unlike the alternatives, Splashblog was very simple, just photos, a titile, and a description. I liked the way Splashblog handled RSS feeds… very simple and customizable. I used my Splashblog to export the photos from my cell phone to several different websites I run.

Six Apart is encouraging people to switch to Vox, but I’m not a big fan. For starters the RSS output of Vox does not include a thumbnail of the photo I am posting. Which basically makes it useless for my purposes. Also, Vox tries to be too much and include too many features. It doesn’t really do any of them well. I already have blogs and social networks… I don’t need a new one. I just want a service that just does Photo blogging from my Treo 700w. I want to be able to include a title and a short description. All from my phone. None of the alternatives to Splashblog offer this ease of use and functional simplicity.

Another alternative to Splashblog that I’ve found is called Sharpcast. It handles the RSS feeds ok, but doesn’t offer the ability to add captions and titles to the photos from the mobile client. I’m not sure which I’m going to end up using.

If anybody knows of any other photo blogging software w/ a client for the Treo 700w let me know.

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