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Jul 082008

Red Meat Twitter

Besides more stability and uptime in the Twitter service, these are some of the features that I _REALLY_ need built into Twitter:

  • Web interface to “track” option. This would make it much easier to manage sms notifications to my phone.
  • Increased API access limit. 20 per hour is way too low. I would probably be satisfied with 30-60 per hour. 60 would be best.
  • Ability to Mass-block people from the web interface.
  • Historical Direct messages sent or threading of direct message conversations.
  • Shorter URL service. TinyURL is great, but I’ve seen shorter.

I do not think the above requests would alter the way Twitter functions as a whole, but would enhance its overall functionality. What features or enhancements would you like to see added added to Twitter?

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  1. Fuck twitter! I still can’t figure out what the hell it is and/or how it works.

  2. Maybe you need to watch: Twitter In Plain English @

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