Jul 302008

I was planning on doing an in depth article about why everything is getting more expensive. It’s a perfect storm of high oil prices, weak US Dollar, high food prices, weak economy and unsustainable wars waged by the United States. Its a fairly complex problem with a very real and simple outcome: Us average folks get screwed. We have to cope with high prices for everything, unemployment, and uncertainty about the future. Instead of doing the long article I was thinking about doing, watch this short video clip from GOOD Magazine about Oil Addiction. It does a decent job of quickly summarizing what is going on in the world to create all of this havoc.

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  1. You “average folks” are using about 20k liter oil per year. Sustainable would be what … 200 ?

    So why don’t you survive on 1% of what you earn now, and then you can take yourself out of the blame. Until you do … you should be taking part of the blame.

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