Police State: Tasers Should Be Banned

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Something that pisses me off every time I hear about it, is when the police use a Taser on a “suspect” for little or no reason. Every day you hear of a new story about police officers using Tasers excessively. Television shows like “Cops” and “Jail” show officers using Tasers on people with little or no provocation. Officers always claim that they “fee threatened” or “fear for their lives”. I believe the use of Tasers should be outlawed and banned in the USA. When you watch these videos of police using a Taser, many times it is hard to believe that the office could have felt threatened.

Now, I do agree that officers should have options for non-lethal force when appropriate. But it seems that the policy has become “Taser first, as questions later”. As for a Taser being non-lethal, there are hundreds of incidents where people die from the Taser. It’s like playing Russian roulette. There will be continue to be hundreds of unnecessary deaths each year due to Tasers.

If you don’t know about the Police brutality, or don’t have an opinion about it, check out the following and put yourself in these people’s shoes for a moment…

Here’s a story from just a couple of weeks ago of a 16 year old boy who somehow fell over 30 feet from an overpass. The police came to respond, but they then decided it would be appropriate to Taser him 19 times… If the kid was acting crazy it was because of the shock from the fall, not drugs or alcohol (none was found in his blood).

This next video shows a Utah Highway Patrol officer pulling over a young man with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat. The man driving the van is asking why he’s been pulled over, and is complying with officer requests. When the victim turns to walk away from the officer, the UHP officer unleashes when the guy has his back turned. Another example of officers choosing to Taser instead of talking.

CNN Coverage of the above:

In what may be the most sickening use of force, an off duty officer uses a stun gun on a father holding his newborn baby. Again a total case of “shock first, ask questions later”:

I mean, what is a guy holding a baby going to do to threaten an officer?? Apparently the nurses forgot to take off a bracelet on the baby and an alarm went off, as if he was trying to kidnap the baby… But the mother was there as well, the officer just would not listen. Shameful.

Apparently speaking truth to power is also a taser offense. By now you may have heard of the “Dont Taze Me Bro” incident, well below is the video. This guy asked if John Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones, and got mobbed by police officers, taken down, and tased:

Again, more shameful shit. Keith Olbermann from MSNBC gives a great summary:

Finally, for anyone trying to say that Tasers are non-lethal, consider the fact that hundreds have died from the violent electrical shocks from Tasers. That does not sound like non-lethal at all, in fact it sounds quite lethal.

We need to stand up as a people and have Taser use by Law Enforcement banned.

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  1. Aren’t those tv shows … fictional ? Or at the very best extremely sensation seeking ?

    Just wondering. The same goes for those videos.

  2. @Tomc actually all of those clips are true, it happens on a regular basis. There is nothing sensational about the information. I see that you are from Belgium, and it might be hard to believe. Things are totally screwed up in the USA right now, and have been for the past few years. We are living in frightening times for sure.

    I really wish the above was fictional or sensational. :(

  3. You must listen to National Public Radio’s Youth Radio podcast about the newest security/fashion accessory – stun guns.


  4. This comic depicts the attitude towards them really well, at least in my opinion.


  5. tasers should be banned because alot of people have died because of them… and no ones life should be taken away because 50 thousand wats have been shot into them

  6. They are way more dangerous than regular guns, that are fired in extreme situations only. As long as tasers are conceived as safe, non lethal weapons, people will continue to die. And while it is right that everybody breaking the law should be judged and punished if found guilty, killing people on the streets with electric shocks seems a little bit excessive…

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