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Sep 052008

[the incessant babbling of a future mental patient]

I met myself. I must say, I was not impressed.

This was not the me that I know, or think I know. This was another me, one that rears his head when least expected, to plant the seeds of negativity in the minds of those around me, while I am left to deal with the rampant crop of idiocy that blooms soon after. In others, he inspires doubt, disbelief and uncertainty towards me, my integrity, my ideals and my resolve. Through action, through words, he commands a presence of a nature that is the polar opposite of that which I strive to be. Ignorance and apathy are his playthings, lies become his weapons, and cruelty his entertainment. He is contradiction. He is violent anger and withdrawn depression. He exists as my favorite enemy, a nemesis to be sure.

Would it be considered suicide for me to kill this veritable doppelganger?

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