Sep 272008

As if their smug, cultish hipster attitude wasn’t enough to inspire a deep sense of loathing, I have come to have more reason to hate on Apple Mac users.  I do a lot of work on my laptop in coffee houses, and unfortunately as a PC user, I am many times in the minority.  This fact doesn’t bother me too much, it actually gives me some small satisfaction to see all the kool-aid drinking Mac drones sitting there with their carbon copy Macbooks when I whip out my sticker covered PC that actually has some personality.

No, what really gets my goat is these jackasses with their huge plugs for their computers.  You know, the square adapter that takes up 2 vertical outlet spaces (when plugged into the top outlet of a 2 outlet jack).   Whenever I’ve asked one of these drones if I could possibly plug their bulky adapter one plug lower, so I can fit into the jack, they roll their eyes or act like I’m causing them some sort of pain.  I even carry a 3 outlet extender in my bag, so if there aren’t enough outlets other people can plug in.  Mac users act like its their birth-right to take up all of the outlets in a coffee shop.  Why would you not think about someone else by taking up the entire bank of outlets in an already overcrowded coffee shop?  I don’t get it.  Power outlet space is already at a premium at every single coffee shop, what give’s Mac users the right to monopolize an entire bank of outlets?  I think this cuts to the heart of the issue, they have no right, but they think they are entitled because they belong to the cult of Apple.  Fuck em, and their too big plugs and too short power cords.

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  1. Hah, nice. Though I have to say this depends on where you live. I’m a Mac user myself, in part, and I’m no hipster, nor will I refuse to move my macbook’s plug so someone else can plug in. In fact, none of the mac users I know are hipsters, and are generally pretty polite. Snobbish Mac users in coffee shops I go to are at about a 1:3 ratio to perfectly respectable mac users. I guess my area is lucky.

  2. should have been more assertive and changed it yourself. if he gets pissed, explain him why you did it when you had already asked him before hand.

  3. Fucking Mac-loving retards piss me off. Fuck all those subhuman hipster apes.

  4. Wow, you’re such a fan boy, and i can see by the “unique” stickers that you’re a real “hacker”

  5. Who brought the cool guy?

  6. I use a Mac, and I’m not a hipster. I drink black coffee, no vanilla-faggot-cappuccino shit for me. I wear jeans and a t-shirt, not scarfs, floppy hats, and those stupid trendy glasses. You generalize Mac users like every one who uses a Mac is a stupid, brainless clone. That would be like saying every PC user is a Counter-Strike loving, Mountain Dew drinking fucktwit. Reality is, some people like Mac’s, some people like PC’s. Some people like Windows, some people like OSX, some people like Linux or Unix. You just propagate hate. And in the end, how are you any better then them?

    Truth is, you ain’t son. You just ain’t.

    • I must say I’ve had a bit of a change of heart in regards to Macs themselves. While most of the typical hipster d-bag users still irk me to no end, I now own a Mac. When I wrote that post, it was in the heat of the moment and I was utterly pissed about the attitude that particular drone gave me about moving her plug. Thanks for commenting and reading though. Much appreciated!

  7. That there is a laptop with plenty of personality

  8. You are truly a dip stick. This thread has absolutely no relevance now that you’ve converted to the supposed dark side. Delete this waste of time so none of us ever have to lose 5 minutes to your pathetic ramblings about inconsequential crap that you perceive as being important.

    Get a life robot.

    • Hey fuckwad Dan,

      I’m not going to remove the post, because I still believe it. For this bitch to take up all of the outlets at a cafe with her fucking huge plug because she’s too big of a self important cunt to bring the 1 plug extension cable or move her adapter 1 plug lower, fuck her. And fuck the rest of the Mac users who inconvenience other people.

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