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Oct 152008

Thought I would list out a few Twitter apps for your Windows Mobile phone.  I personally use Twobile the most.  Each application is obviously similar, being that they mostly do the same things.  Enjoy…

Tiny Twitter – Love twitter and love tweeting from your mobile device? But don’t want to get dinged for updates and double dinged for friend updates continually arriving via SMS? Get the brand new Tiny Twitter software for your windows mobile phone.

Twobile – Twobile (pronounced Twoh-bul, a mixture of the words “Twitter” and “Mobile”) is a new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. Initially a personal project designed to help access various services provided by Twitter, the project began in mid 2007 and had remained in prototype status for nearly a year. In early 2008, it was decided that since there was a lack of sufficient Windows Mobile Twitter clients that addressed nearly all the services that Twitter provided, the project was moved from a prototype to a publicly available beta.

With the rise of Twitter users and the increase in the adoption of Windows Mobile devices around the world, the need for a client that allows those Windows Mobile users to utilize as many of the features of Twitter as possible without needing to be at a desktop computer increased as well. And as the rates for mobile Internet access and the surcharges incurred by mobile providers for SMS messages increased, the need for a full-featured, yet simple-to-use, client presented itself as a need. Thus, Twobile was born! And even though Twitter provides a web-based interface for mobile devices, its functionality was not as robust as those found on the desktop-version of the web interface.

Twitula – is new and free twitter client for Windows Mobile pocket pc devices.

ceTwit – Pocket PC twitter client with Twitpic support for cross posting images.

TwitToday – Today screen twitter plugin to easily update your twitter status.

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