Nov 082008

I love coffee. Coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity behind oil. Millions of people worldwide participate in the economy of coffee. The topic of coffee is a widely discussed and debated topic amongst its fans. Everyone has their own favorite bean, drink, preparation method and style. Coffee is perhaps the most personal beverage one can consume. Many people use coffee to just get them up in the morning, and pay little mind to the taste. Some people dump tons of cream and sugar into their coffee or drink expensive fashionable espresso drinks. Others have a true passion for fine, fresh roasted coffee and love tasting coffees from different origins, roasters, and preparation methods. I personally love straight black drip brewed coffee, freshly roasted and freshly brewed. I’m partial to coffees of southeast asian origins such as Sumatra. I figured I would put together a list of coffee related resources for other lovers of the bean. Whatever your coffee style, I’m sure the following sites will give you a lot more information about your favorite beverage.

Coffee Websites

CoffeeGeek – CoffeeGeek is a great resource for coffee lovers looking to learn more about the bean. CoffeeGeek has extensive reviews on everything from espresso machines to home coffee roasters. Check out the forums for discussions about everything coffee related.

CoffeeForums – CoffeeForums is a long standing forum with tons of information. I especially like the sections by/for coffee shop owners to share their knowledge and experiences in the coffee industry. Worth checking out.

SCAA – The Specialty Coffee Association of America is dedicated to bringing together and representing all parts of the coffee industry. The SCAA hosts events and connects all of the major players in the world of coffee together.

BaristaExchange – Barista Exchange is a social network for Baristas. Even if you aren’t a Barista you can share your passion for coffee with others in the industry. Quite a new concept here, looking forward to seeing the community develop more.

BaristaConnection – Barista Connection is another social network for Baristas. Much smaller and newer than Barista Exchange, but still worth keeping an eye on.

Counter Culture Coffee – Counter Culture Coffee is a great example of the social consciousness of coffee. From their website:

At Counter Culture, coffee isn’t merely a bean or a beverage. It’s the furthest thing from a commodity. Coffee is a process involving high standards and tough decisions. Coffee is relationships and responsibilities. More than anything, coffee is a connective force that has the potential to bring out the best in people.

They have a good bit of information about coffee on their website including detailed info about the origins.

Espresso Parts Northwest – In my opinion Espresso Parts Northwest is the best online retailer of coffee related items in existence. They have a wide range of consumer, prosumer and commercial offerings.

Home Barista Forums – A forum dedicated to making coffee at home with consumer grade equipment. Filled with discussions, tips and tricks from other coffee lovers all over the world. – is one of the oldest coffee discussion groups on the Internet. For those unfamiliar with “news groups” I’ve linked to the Google Groups format. Alt.Coffee first hit the scenes in 1994, so its been around for almost 15 years.

Coffee Review – Reviews of beans and roasters from all over.

International Coffee Organization – the ICO has a wealth of information about Coffee as a commodity. They also have a lot of information about coffee quality.

My Starbucks Idea – Love or hate Starbucks you can now use this site to vote for your favorite suggestions. I do have to give Starbucks credit for having such an open resource and listening to their customer concerns. Ideas that have come to reality from this site include: Free Refills of Drip Coffee and Free WIFI

Coffee Research – Coffee Research has a ton of information about coffee. They also publish a newsletter that is available for download.

Coffee Science – Mainly focusing on heath related issues of coffee, Coffee Science is run by the National Coffee Association.


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