Oct 122009

So, I’m sitting in my apartment tonight, and my Chefmate P70D2AL-D4 Microwave starts beeping randomly. At first it was just a single beep, then a few minutes later it went ape-shit. Scary thing was it first was saying 6:66 then 66:66. The keypad wouldn’t work anymore, and just kept on beeping until I unplugged the thing. Reading around the internet, I’ve found that others have had this same problem with this microwave. Wonderful.

So if you are buying a cheap microwave, don’t get this one. We got ours from Target if that matters. Thing that really ticks me off is that we just got this thing last year! Of course we didn’t hang onto any of the warranty information, I mean who does? The cost of shipping it out to be repaired, and being without an important appliance, what’s the point? I think it’s a conspiracy, stupid Made in China piece of garbage.

Time to hit Amazon and look for a new microwave with free shipping, because I don’t want to have to haul one on the bus and subway again back to my apartment.

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  1. By the way, it appears as if Chefmate has changed their name to Magic Chef (at least at Target), so avoid that crap too.

  2. I found one of these by the dumpster, and thought: “Who would throw away a brand new microwave?” Now I know why it was there! lol Works great, you just have to unplug it every time you use it…or call a priest!

  3. Yeah, that’s basically what we’ve done (just leave it unplugged). We are too cheap to go get a new microwave.

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