Jun 092010

Like many people I was excited this week when I found out about all the new features of the upcoming iPhone 4 to be released by Apple on June 24th. And I wondered of course if I was eligible for “new every 2” pricing from AT&T. See, like the sucker I am I purchased the iPhone 3G about 2.5 months before the iPhone 3GS was released. (Just like I got my first MacBook Pro less than 7 days before the new ones were released a couple weeks back…) I digress, I’m sure many folks are also wondering if you can get the new iPhone 4 at cheaper than full price through AT&T. As I was trying to find the answer to that question, I stumbled upon a trick to find the answer via your phone.

Simply dial: *639# on your iPhone handset. You will receive a message from AT&T about your ability to upgrade or not. This is the only place I got the answer I wanted… logging into my account at attwireless.com did not tell me if I could indeed upgrade or not. Hopefully once the iPhone 4 pre-release ordering begins on June 14th, I’ll still be able to order the 16GB iPhone 4 at $199. Damn, I hope so.

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