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Aug 052010

[acquiring signal…]

The uncertainties of the universe continue to intrigue me; and all the while, creativity allows us to hold some grip of control over a reality that becomes increasingly complicated.  Let us, therefore, give proper homage to a concept I became a fan of overnight:  Power Thursday.

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Aug 032010

[Two scoops.]

For a while, we assumed that the stars were gods, watching over us.  Currently, we have a better understanding of the physical nature of stars.

For a while, we were drilling holes in people’s heads or cutting out parts of their brains in order to make them “normal” again.  We know better now.

For a while, lesser status was given to certain human beings based on superficial attributes, like skin color.  Some of us still feel the pain of that stupidity.

For a while, some people were stupid enough to think that a style of music could bring down the whole of society.  Okay, some people are still that dumb.

The point remains:  we think we know stuff.

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