Jan 272013

Earlier I was attempting to sync the photos from my Apple iPhone 5 to my Windows 7 64-bit laptop. This had worked many times before, but now it wasn’t. iTunes sync worked fine, but my iPhone wasn’t being recognized by Picasa or Windows Explorer. This had me concerned, and I assume that it may be related to some testing of a Kaspersky AV package I was doing the previous day for work. Regardless, I was doing my research and checked the Windows 7 device manager, and found the iPhone device with an error reading:

"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"

I was able to resolve the above error by following the procedure listed below. Please exercise caution when editing the registry. I am not responsible for any problems you cause your system.

  1. Open Regedit (start, run, regedit)
  2. Navigate to the following: hkeylocalmachinesystemcurrent control setcontrolclass
  3. Locate {EEC5AD98-8080-425F-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}
  4. Within that key, on the right hand side locate "UpperFilters" and right click on it, then select delete
  5. Close regedit, then reboot your computer

When the system comes back up, be sure that your iPhone is connected, hopefully it will now work. I also, to be thorough, had uninstalled the drivers for the iPhone from device manager previous to rebooting after the regedit. This step may or may not be necessary.

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