The summer of 1988 I got my first PC and a modem. Things have never been the same. I've been an early adopter of new technologies for nearly 20 years. Today I am an IT consultant specializing in a little of everything. I love learning and teaching others about new uses for technology.

Aug 042017

ingrelli posted a photo:

Leveraging all of my skills to resurrect a Breville 800esxl that I found discarded in an alley, I think it's a bad capacitor.

Jul 022017

I read the Wall Street Journal’s article yesterday on attempts by a GOP operative to recover missing Hillary Clinton emails with more than usual interest. I was involved in the events that reporter Shane Harris described, and I was an unnamed source for the initial story.

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Jun 302017

When law enforcement argues it needs a “backdoor” into encryption services, the counterargument has typically been that it would be impossible to limit such access to one person or organization. If you leave a key under the doormat, a seminal 2015 paper argues, a burglar eventually finds it.

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