The summer of 1988 I got my first PC and a modem. Things have never been the same. I've been an early adopter of new technologies for nearly 20 years. Today I am an IT consultant specializing in a little of everything. I love learning and teaching others about new uses for technology.

Sep 102017

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — They were members of an uncontacted tribe gathering eggs along the river in a remote part of the Amazon. Then, it appears, they had the bad luck of running into gold miners.

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Sep 062017

Nation-sponsored hackers have penetrated the operational networks multiple US and European energy companies use to control key parts of the power grid that supplies electricity to hundreds of millions of people, researchers warned Wednesday.

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Sep 052017

The person who makes the final decision on grant funding at the US Environmental Protection Agency agency is a political operative who doesn’t want to see “the double C-word”—climate change—in grant applications, according to EPA staff who spoke with the Washington Post.

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