Occupy Wall Street march arrives in Times Square – 2011.10.15 – Day 29 #NYC #OccupyWallSt #OWS

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Oct 162011

This video shows the first wave of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who marched from Zuccotti Park and Washington Square Park up to Times Square. This is the last block of the march, video was shot between 6th and 7th Ave on 46th Street.

Occupy Wall Street March on and Occupation of Times Square – 2011.10.15 – Day 29 #OWS #USDOR #OccupyWallSt

The Revolution Will Be LiveStreamed #OccupyWallSt #OWS Live Video Coverage of Occupy Wall Street NYC

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Oct 052011

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Citi Field Obstructed View: Worst Seat in the House for Mets vs Yankees Subway Series

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Jul 022011

I’m fucking pissed.  Earlier this year I purchased a Flex Pack multi-game ticket pack for the Mets so that I could get Subway Series tickets.  I had been looking forward to this game the past 6 months.  I feel that I purchased the tickets early enough that I should have gotten a decent seat for the game.  Well, that’s not the case.  I got one of the worst seats at Citi Field, with a horribly obstructed view.  These seats are so bad, that there are other websites which bitch about the same seats.  These are quite possibly the worst seats at Citi Field.  These seats were in Section 529, Row 3, seats 7 & 8.  This section is located in the Promenade Reserved section of Citi Field.

Section 529 Row 3 Seat 8

What pisses me off most is that the Mets organization complains and bitches about losing money left and right.  They complain that nobody comes to the games.  Well, maybe that’s because they treat their fans like shit.  Giving someone who purchased a pack of tickets, well in advance, shit seats is not going to make them want to do it again.  Those seats were worthless.  I couldn’t see ANY of left field.  And to make matters worse, I could BARELY see home plate or third base.  Seriously, have you ever tried to enjoy a baseball game where you couldn’t see home plate because part of the building was in the way?  These seats ruined my experience, and I probably won’t be purchasing any additional tickets for the rest of the season, nor will I consider a multi-game pack of tickets for next season.

Section 529 Row 3 Seat 8 Citi Field

While I’m on a roll ranting about Citi Field, let me also complain about the service of the staff there.  It is also shit.  I’ve been to almost a dozen games this year, so it’s not just a fluke, it is consistent.  If you want to get a beer and/or some food between innings, you’ll consistently miss 1 or more innings of game play.  This is because the staff working the concessions are not the brightest folks.  I’m all for giving mentally challenged people an opportunity in life, but when you are charging $50 to get into the game, $8 per beer, and $8+ per food item, the service should at least be better than McDonalds.  Unfortunately the service is worse than McDonalds.  It apparently takes 3 people to serve 1 beer at Citi Field.  While the next register sits empty.  The lines move at a snail’s pace.  I’ve been in line for over 1 inning, only to be the next person in line, only to be cut off because the bottom of the 7th inning began, which is the beer sales cut-off point.

All in all, I’m not having much fun going to the games anymore.  It’s not even the Mets playing like shit that frustrates me, I can live with that.  I can’t live with spending way too much money only to be fucked in the ass by an organization which doesn’t care for those folks spending their hard earned money at the establishment.  After this season I think I’ll be staying at home to watch most of the games.


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Dec 202010

[brought to you by an upcoming eclipse..]

For us, it has always been. Equally, it has remained a focal point for emotions like desire and longing, that poets and playwrights throughout human history have visited this place of false light. On its face (or within) would giants seek even the tiniest snippet of inspiration. Its spheroid body hangs lazily, its illumination is both weak and borrowed, void of any warmth. Even still, the moon rocks. Never you mind that pun, weary web-traveler. I’m just a hopeless fan of a stupid rock.

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Nov 192010

[the way bread was meant to be enjoyed..]

George Carlin believed that “the earth doesn’t share our prejudice against plastic.”  To take it further, considering Earth to be a life form, we honestly couldn’t do more than speculate what it would or wouldn’t care about.  Littering, drilling, strip mining, logging…..  Maybe, just maybe, it could care less about all that crap.  Remember, I’m just pulling all of this out of an unseemly place. Still, logic can be fun.

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Aug 052010

[acquiring signal…]

The uncertainties of the universe continue to intrigue me; and all the while, creativity allows us to hold some grip of control over a reality that becomes increasingly complicated.  Let us, therefore, give proper homage to a concept I became a fan of overnight:  Power Thursday.

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