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Aug 032010

[Two scoops.]

For a while, we assumed that the stars were gods, watching over us.  Currently, we have a better understanding of the physical nature of stars.

For a while, we were drilling holes in people’s heads or cutting out parts of their brains in order to make them “normal” again.  We know better now.

For a while, lesser status was given to certain human beings based on superficial attributes, like skin color.  Some of us still feel the pain of that stupidity.

For a while, some people were stupid enough to think that a style of music could bring down the whole of society.  Okay, some people are still that dumb.

The point remains:  we think we know stuff.

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May 122009

[a proud sponsor of higher learning]

Every now and then a scenario is brought to my attention that really gets my gears cranking, mostly hypothetical ones, you understand. This one was pretty fun.

Delusion: purpose?

Suppose someone says “You know, it seems to me that it would just be easier to pick something to believe and go with it. I mean, what’s with all the questioning and evaluating? Really, what’s the point?

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May 022009

from the makers of tuberculosis…

Every now and again, people around me start acting crazy, stupid, or both, and I feel it is my duty to step in and speak out against this nonsense.  Now, keep in mind, while I do not have any particular abundance of knowledge regarding the specific details of this situation, I am quite astute at recognizing patterns, and, therefore, consider myself something of an authority on this matter.

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Libertarianism: Liberty, Non-Aggression, Responsibility and Property

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Dec 242008

In Frederic Bastiat’s 1850 masterpiece, “The Law”, he poses the following question: “Since the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to allow them liberty, how comes it to pass that the tendencies of organizers are always good?” (Bastiat 46). Over 150 years later in today’s climate of economic upheaval, public and private corruption, and widespread systemic ineptitudes, this question is all the more relevant. Considering such a question could easily leave one agreeing with Henry David Thoreau in the idea “that government is best which governs least” (Thoreau 343). At the very least, with a more hands-off approach, the damage done through meddling would be limited. Individuals who are in agreement with these statements may also find agreement with the foundations of libertarianism. Libertarianism is a philosophy which holds liberty as its highest value, and is founded upon the non-aggression axiom, individual responsibility, and absolute property rights.

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Election ’08: CSPAN/NPR Give Third Parties Some Attention

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Oct 272008

With a little over a week left before this campaign season ends there is still little to no coverage for any of the third party candidates.  As usual, one of the exceptions to the rule comes from the wonderful people over at CSPAN.  In particular, their program Washington Journal has highlighted three of the candidates over the past week.  Chuck Baldwin (Constitution), Cynthia Mckinney (Green), and Bob Barr (Libertarian) all received 30 minutes of airtime which consisted of an interview and a Q&A session with callers from across the nation.

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Oct 272008

[batteries not included]

I had a really good idea..

Wrapped in a shell that is my own consciousness, an idea formed, giving a certain spark of life to something new. A concept, or envisioned thing, if you will, springs forth from the impenetrable fortress that is my brain.

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Imminent Threats? Thanks for the Warning!

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Oct 252008

I’m not very comforted when people in power with access to sensitive information make declarative statments about imminent dangers posed to me.  I’m especially worried when a guarantee is made to me in regards to these dangers by someone who has a proven track record, for whatever reason, to have his pulse on “the real threat” which may come in “the belly of a plane.” Now, good ol’ Joe the Politician is making even more difinitive statements in regards to what our future has in store for us.

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