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Sep 262008

[from the depths of who really knows where…]

I’d like to relate a story about someone named Luke.

When I went to attend class on Monday, only to find out that the first two of my three classes were cancelled, I found myself sitting outside near the large chess board located near the center of campus. Imagine this thing measuring around fifteen feet on one side, the plastic pieces standing about knee-high. There are always casual players about and at least several spectators engrossed in watching. I’ve taken quite a liking to designating this spot for sitting.

I arrived at school about 30 minutes early, as is typical for me, and headed for that very spot, noticing a game in progress as I approached (also typical). Sitting down, it occurred to me that there was something quite different about this particular game of chess. Not different in that the pieces were upside-down or spray-painted green or anything like that, but still, there was something usual about the present game. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

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