Ron Paul on the Colbert Report

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Sep 052008

That’s right, Ron Paul is still relevant and still fighting for the cause of Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution.  Earlier this week he organized a counter-convention in St. Paul, MN opposite the Republican National Convention.  His event was called the Rally for the Republic, and drew over 15,000 freedom loving Americans to the Target Center.

The Rally for the Republic was even carried on CSPAN-2 on Tuesday 9/2/2008 in it’s entirety, and was probably more press coverage than Dr. Paul got during his entire race for the nomination. Better late than never I guess, as the message is still very important, maybe even more-so now than ever.

Since dropping out of the 2008 race for the republican presidential nomination, his organization has transitioned into the Campaign For Liberty.   Ron Paul’s people say that there is a major announcement coming next week, so keep your eyes out for that.

Ron Paul made an appearance on the Colbert Report last night on 9/4/2008. Check it out:
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