The Last HOPE Wrap-Up

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Jul 242008

Hackers On Planet Earth 2008 NYC

Last week I attended the “computer security” conference HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth), held every two years in NYC. The title of this year’s event was “The Last Hope”, but it may not be the last. Unfortunately I had to work Friday and was not able to get to the convention until about 4pm, luckily it was being held only 2 avenues away from my workplace. I had never attended HOPE in the past, although I have gone to Las Vegas for DEFCON several times in the past 10 years. HOPE is organized by the crew over at 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.

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Defcon 15 News Round-Up

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Aug 062007

Alas, I was unable to attend Defcon this year. It makes me sad. But there is always next year. I tried to follow some of the news coming out of Defcon this year on the web. Below are some of the highlights from the convention (as best as I can tell, not actually being there).
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