DigitalLife 2007 A Huge Disappointment

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Sep 282007

Maybe I set my expectations too high or maybe I am too critical, but DigitalLife 2007 was completely underwhelming. Being new to NYC I expected the “ultimate consumer technology, gaming & entertainment event of the year” to be an amazing experience. Wow, was I wrong.

I was expecting flashy booths and displays from some of the top electronics companies, however this was not the case. The few major companies with exhibits were showcasing the same stale old technology they’ve been schlepping for a while. Major companies you would expect to be at a show of this type were completely absent or under-represented. As far as “technology” offerings goes, many of the companies represented were “B-Level” companies. The gaming side of the convention was horrible with the notable exception of the Namco and Guitar Hero 3 booths. Virtually no other game producers were on hand to showcase their latest offerings. Entertainment wise, what entertainment? There was an exhibit at the Toshiba booth about HD-DVD and that is about it.
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DigitalLife 2007: What Do You Want Covered?

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Sep 262007

Well, I got my Press Credentials for Digital Life 2007! I would like to thank the folks over at Ziff Davis for processing my request at the last minute.

A big part of the reason for my attending DigitalLife is to cover some of the new technologies at the show. You may know from reading my blog that I love gadgets, so I will try and cover any of the revolutionary new items hitting the market soon. DigitalLife also has extensive gaming events and tons of exhibitors.

If there is anything you would like me to try and find out for you, just leave a comment below! I will do my best to find some information and report back in an article or comment! I’m looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions, questions, and comments. And as always, I’m in it for the Swag, and if I get anything really good I will try and find some way to give back to the readers! So lets hear your questions and I may pick you at random for some free stuff!

Any companies that would like to give me some Swag to share with readers, please contact me via the contact page so we can meet up! See you at the show!

Digital Life 2007 in NYC This Weekend

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Sep 242007

Its almost time for the consumer electronics event of the year in NYC, DigitalLife 2007. Seems like all the geeks will be coming out of the woodwork. I’m excited for the event. It will be the first tradeshow I’ve attended since relocating to NYC last week. I will do my best to photograph and blog about the event. I’m hoping to score some teeshirts and others swag from exhibitors to share with my readers. If I get some good swag I’ll hold a contest and give some stuff away! (If you are an exhibitor attending Digital Life and want me to wear your company logowear around the convention center, drop me a line.)
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Putting it all together…

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Jun 302007

Sometimes the amount of data we have access to can become overwhelming. I open myself to as much incoming information sources as I possibly can and I often feel overwhelmed at the incoming sensory deluge. The ability to sort and filter all of this information quickly is important. Most people on the internet are still just searching the internet for websites, or worse browsing exclusively inside of closed networks or communities. Some of us are actually “subscribing” to data, allowing it to be sent to us instead of having to seek it out. As we use these new tools and technologies, we tell the computer a little more about what is important, and what we are looking for.

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