AT&T iPhone 4 Upgrade: How to Check if You Are Eligible For Discounted Pricing

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Jun 092010

Like many people I was excited this week when I found out about all the new features of the upcoming iPhone 4 to be released by Apple on June 24th. And I wondered of course if I was eligible for “new every 2” pricing from AT&T. See, like the sucker I am I purchased the iPhone 3G about 2.5 months before the iPhone 3GS was released. (Just like I got my first MacBook Pro less than 7 days before the new ones were released a couple weeks back…) I digress, I’m sure many folks are also wondering if you can get the new iPhone 4 at cheaper than full price through AT&T. As I was trying to find the answer to that question, I stumbled upon a trick to find the answer via your phone.

Simply dial: *639# on your iPhone handset. You will receive a message from AT&T about your ability to upgrade or not. This is the only place I got the answer I wanted… logging into my account at did not tell me if I could indeed upgrade or not. Hopefully once the iPhone 4 pre-release ordering begins on June 14th, I’ll still be able to order the 16GB iPhone 4 at $199. Damn, I hope so.

Windows Mobile 6.1 For Verizon Samsung SCH-i760 In The Wild

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Jul 142008

Buzz is growing on forums and on some blogs about the new update for the Verizon Samsung SCH-i760. This update for the i760 will upgrade your phone’s operating system to Windows Mobile 6.1. I have been burned as an early adopter many times before, especially with just-released phone updates. But, I’m a sucker, so I installed the update anyways today.

This new update includes the following features for your SCH-i760:

  • SDHC Support for large microSD cards
  • Zoom feature for PocketIE
  • Threaded SMS
  • Several Bluetooth improvements (updated BT DUN profile, improved scanning)
  • Support for YouTube Videos
  • Fixed some memory leak issues
  • Enhanced Task Manager
  • Includes Remote Desktop client
  • Addition of Microsoft OneNote Mobile to Office Suite
  • Many other bug fixes and Windows Mobile 6.1 features

Now, this update was not without incident. I had various parts of the install fail, but in the end the upgrade took. Unfortunately my backups were no good. When you backup with a program like SPB Backup on an older ROM, it causes issues when you restore. I had my contacts and bookmarks sync’d up with DashWire (and ActiveSync) so I didn’t loose any of the really important stuff. I will however have to re-install all of my applications and tweaks, but in the end its not that bad.

My first impressions overall are good. The device seems to be running slightly faster, and so far some of the tiny annoyances I had appear to have been fixed. Before you upgrade please be sure to check out this thread on PDAPhoneHome Forums regarding issues people are having. Also do not attempt to upgrade your Samsung SCH-i760 unless you are a fairly advanced user, and you can afford to loose all of your data, as installing the device will wipe your data and reset the device’s software to a factory-like state.

Goodluck and enjoy the new features!

SCH-i760 6.1 Upgrade for XP Download

SCH-i760 6.1 Upgrade for Vista Download

6.1 upgrade for SCH-i760 Instructions

RIP Treo 700w Hello Samsung SCH-i760

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Jan 122008

R.I.P. Treo 700w

Well, I did it. I killed my Treo 700w. It took a tumble and the screen cracked. I had insurance and I could have gotten it replaced, but I decided to just get a new phone instead. I was up for my “new every 2” with Verizon, so I decided to pick up the Samsung SCH-i760. I’ve got mixed feelings about it right now. I used to hate my Treo 700w for mostly performance related reasons. After only a couple days of playing with the SCH-i760 I’m starting to miss some of the Treo’s better features. It’s a mixed bag.

Samsung SCH-i760

The Samsung SCH-i760 definitely out performs the Treo 700w in terms of speed and stability. Windows Mobile 6 looks pretty, but beyond a user interface “paint job” little has changed in the functionality. The thing I’m missing most about the Treo 700w right now is the ease of one handed operation. The SCH-i760 has a slide out keyboard, so typing with one hand is out of the question. Still, I’m almost glad to have the performance over ease of use at this point.

I will write some posts detailing anything interesting I’ve found out about the SCH-i760 in the near future. I’m still working out the kinks and trying to figure out how best to use this sucker. The only thing I can see right now is that while the SCH-i760 construction seems tight, its no Treo 700w. I’m afraid the first time I drop this thing its going to shatter into a million pieces. Lets all hope that doesn’t happen.

DigitalLife 2007 A Huge Disappointment

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Sep 282007

Maybe I set my expectations too high or maybe I am too critical, but DigitalLife 2007 was completely underwhelming. Being new to NYC I expected the “ultimate consumer technology, gaming & entertainment event of the year” to be an amazing experience. Wow, was I wrong.

I was expecting flashy booths and displays from some of the top electronics companies, however this was not the case. The few major companies with exhibits were showcasing the same stale old technology they’ve been schlepping for a while. Major companies you would expect to be at a show of this type were completely absent or under-represented. As far as “technology” offerings goes, many of the companies represented were “B-Level” companies. The gaming side of the convention was horrible with the notable exception of the Namco and Guitar Hero 3 booths. Virtually no other game producers were on hand to showcase their latest offerings. Entertainment wise, what entertainment? There was an exhibit at the Toshiba booth about HD-DVD and that is about it.
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DigitalLife 2007: What Do You Want Covered?

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Sep 262007

Well, I got my Press Credentials for Digital Life 2007! I would like to thank the folks over at Ziff Davis for processing my request at the last minute.

A big part of the reason for my attending DigitalLife is to cover some of the new technologies at the show. You may know from reading my blog that I love gadgets, so I will try and cover any of the revolutionary new items hitting the market soon. DigitalLife also has extensive gaming events and tons of exhibitors.

If there is anything you would like me to try and find out for you, just leave a comment below! I will do my best to find some information and report back in an article or comment! I’m looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions, questions, and comments. And as always, I’m in it for the Swag, and if I get anything really good I will try and find some way to give back to the readers! So lets hear your questions and I may pick you at random for some free stuff!

Any companies that would like to give me some Swag to share with readers, please contact me via the contact page so we can meet up! See you at the show!

Digital Life 2007 in NYC This Weekend

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Sep 242007

Its almost time for the consumer electronics event of the year in NYC, DigitalLife 2007. Seems like all the geeks will be coming out of the woodwork. I’m excited for the event. It will be the first tradeshow I’ve attended since relocating to NYC last week. I will do my best to photograph and blog about the event. I’m hoping to score some teeshirts and others swag from exhibitors to share with my readers. If I get some good swag I’ll hold a contest and give some stuff away! (If you are an exhibitor attending Digital Life and want me to wear your company logowear around the convention center, drop me a line.)
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My mobile/gadget lifestyle…

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Jun 062007

What I’d like to do is layout some context as to how I use technology in my everyday life. I’ve chosen the "gadget" route/approach to technology when it comes to my daily habits. I’ve got many electronic devices to serve a multitude of purposes. My equipment is very similar to what your average "Road Warrior" would carry. I also have some niche gadgets for certain tasks. I will begin by listing the devices I use in the course of my life. How I use them will come after that.

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