How I created a new digital identity—and you can too

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Mar 272016

My machine is inextricably linked to who I am.

All of us are in the same existential mess. Your identity is now part of your smartphone and laptop. Like a bunch of bumbling criminals, we’ve left countless unique markers and digital fingerprints all over our computers. Websites we’ve visited, usernames we’ve entered, search terms we’ve queried, and files we mistakenly thought were long-deleted all leave clues for nosy advertisers, snooping government spooks, and clever hackers. They can and do use these breadcrumbs to piece together exactly who we are, from our names to our toothpaste preferences.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can wear a digital mask that can confuse and contradict the massive surveillance and tracking apparatuses aimed at logging your every click. If—hypothetically, of course—I were to set out to create a new, fake identity using purely legal means, it wouldn’t be easy. But it is doable.

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Jun 252007

My favorite content aggregation and digital identity management service,, has updated to V2. They have tweaked the layout and presentation of information regarding your profile and site navigation. The site has a more interactive feel to it. For those who haven’t checked out Ziki before, or were unsatisfied with the previous version, give V2 a spin. Please refer to my previous post on manging your digital identity with Ziki for more information. As always I wish continued success to the Ziki Team, and other small teams working to forge the next generation of the internet. Good Work.

What is “Web 2.0” and why should I care?

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Jun 172007

I’ve been having this conversation with people quite a bit lately.  I’ve been on my high horse about "Web 2.0" technologies the past few months and trying to get people around me to start adopting them into their online habits.  In this article I will attempt to explain what the term "Web 2.0" means to me, and why the users of technology should start paying attention.  For a brief video introduction to "Web 2.0" theories, please see my previous post "The w0rd: Interesting videos describing Web 2.0 / collaboration / social networks".


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Jun 132007

Ziki isn’t just for the French! In these times of google and everything being linked and searchable, you need to give some thought as to how your identity is represented on the Internet. Potential employers, friends, family, and the occasional stalker are all searching for you on the internet. You should be careful when posting personal information, but if you are a freelance consultant you live and die by your reputation and your name. Ziki is a handy website that allows you to aggregate all of the data you already produce into one central location. You can manage all your social network files, bookmarks, and photos. You choose what you want presented when people search for you. If you don’t want your mom to see your drunken bar photos, don’t add them to your Ziki.

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