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Jul 242008

[this must be somebody else’s fault…]

Delusion: It is what it is. An issue develops, seeming to exist as a potential threat to your mental well-being, with potential for goal-related interruptions, mental distractions or all around retardations. If it were just another human, it would have robbed you of your valuables and left you half-beaten in a ditch by now. Your mind, despite whatever discipline it can cling to, tends to wrap itself around the subject whenever it’s allowed a free moment. You close your eyes for sleep, only to find the problem staring at you in the face with a beastly grin. It even has the audacity to enter your dreams. There just isn’t a line of respect these things will not cross.

No matter how hard you may try, you cannot escape its constant reminding, hoping that you spend your worry on it.

Seclusion: Underneath it all. The more ridiculous of us would allow such an intrusive pest to consume specific parts of our lives until it successfully numbed all sensation in those same specific parts. The moderately intelligent find a way to deal with the issue, sometimes positively; other times, not so much. However, we must ask…are we certain there isn’t more to the situation itself? Perhaps deeper?

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