Motorola: Now That Is Great Customer Service

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May 102008

Motorola just won a customer for life for outstanding customer service.  I know their products are sometimes over priced and sometimes have their issues, but this time around they did a great job.

I recently purchased a set of Motorola Bluetooth™ Active Headphones S9 and on the very first day of using them, the larger sized ear-buds fell off when they were around my neck.  This was probably more my fault than a design flaw.  Well, I wrote to Motorola customer support and explained the situation.  I was fully willing to pay for new ear-buds (maybe up to $5), but Motorola was kind enough to send me a free set of ear-buds.  I received them in the mail a couple days later.  That is impressive.  I’ve written to many companies for various issues with products or service, and this is one of the few times that I’ve gotten a satisfactory resolution with little pain on my part.  Many companies don’t even bother responding (Looks in TGIF’s direction).

I know it’s bad that I am so impressed, but I am.  So I figured the least I could do for such good customer service was to write favorably about it and hope that other companies start to follow suit.  Kudos to Motorola for handing the situation as well as they did.

My mobile/gadget lifestyle…

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Jun 062007

What I’d like to do is layout some context as to how I use technology in my everyday life. I’ve chosen the "gadget" route/approach to technology when it comes to my daily habits. I’ve got many electronic devices to serve a multitude of purposes. My equipment is very similar to what your average "Road Warrior" would carry. I also have some niche gadgets for certain tasks. I will begin by listing the devices I use in the course of my life. How I use them will come after that.

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