The End of the Universe as We Know It

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Mar 232017

What if the world around us is just a shadow of reality? Imagine, for example, that you wake up one cold winter morning and look out your window to find that the view is completely obscured by beautiful ice crystals, forming strange patterns on the glass.

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Nov 232008

The late Robert Anton Wilson ( January 18, 1932(1932-01-18) – January 11, 2007, age 72) was the author that woke me up at an early age to how the world really works.  R.A.W.’s main thesis is that your perception of reality ultimately controls reality.  While that is an oversimplification of his ideas, he’s one of those prolific writers that you really must spend some time understanding.  I think that everyone can get something out of reading Robert Anton Wilson.  As an introduction, I’ve decided to post a documentary film entitled: Maybe Logic.  If you enjoy the film below, please consider purchasing it, or some of his books.  Trust me, it’s worth it.
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