Video: Old Technology Dominoes

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Apr 162011

Where I work we had a bunch of old hardware laying around waiting to be recycled, so we set it up to knock it down. In the video is an old Apple Macbook, several Apple Mac Minis, a Netgear Firewall/Route and a bunch of various sized hard drives.

Changes To Come For thew0rd

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Apr 082009

As you may see from the post below, and future posts for the next few weeks, things are going to be changing (again?).  Blogs are hard to keep up with when you are trying to live life, are working your job, trying to keep up relationships and consuming media from all over cyberspace.   Even though I don’t post very much here at, I still produce content on many other social networks and various other places.   I’m going to attempt to combine them all into one place here at thew0rd, to attempt to truly bring you “the w0rd from the virtual streets”.  Hopefully the signal/noise ratio will be just right, although it will probably take some trial and error to get it just right.

Please bear with me as I’m planning on doing a full site re-design sometime in the next month or so.  I will also be experimenting with various ways of importing data from various places around the internets.  This may appear to be a bit haphazard for a while, but I will try to clean up anything that looks super horrible.

Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you will enjoy the new changes that are in store for 2009.

thew0rd Welcomes a New Author: Electronaut

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Jul 242008

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that thew0rd has a new co-author. He writes under the name Electronaut. I feel that his writings will add the editorial voice to thew0rd that it has been missing. His writings at his blog delusion, seclusion and conclusion are both insightful and entertaining; offering a unique perspective of the human condition, as it were.

Electronaut’s content and topics will be chosen and written by him with no editorial oversight. I look forward to the points of view he will bring to thew0rd. You should all enjoy his posts as his writing style is much better than my own. I know we are all looking forward to his posts in the future. Thank you for gracing us with your presence Electronaut.

thew0rd Re-design and other News

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Sep 202007

Greetings all. I know I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been very busy the past few weeks/months. I am beginning a total re-design and revamp of thew0rd. Hopefully it won’t take too long and I can get back to posting more soon. So please bear with me as I tweak the site a little over the next week.

Also, I’ve decided to discontinue the link summary postings. They look like crap. I’ve also decided to take a more casual tone with the blog, and let some more of my attitude shine through. You can still view my latest bookmarks from through the sidebar as well as articles I’ve dugg through digg.

I have been toying with the idea of including full stories in the RSS feed once again. My only hesitation is that in the past I have had content stolen. Some would say plagiarism is the ultimate form of flattery. I tend to agree, but at the same time it is frustrating to have people stealing my content. If any of you have suggestions as to if I should include the full text of stories in the RSS feed, let me know and I will think about it.

And finally, let me thank all of you who stop by once and a while to view this content… as sporadic as it is. Peace out and stay tuned.

The w0rd: Changes are coming

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Jul 202007

Lots of exciting things happening the past weeks. It has been difficult to keep up with everything. I just started blogging about 2 months ago, but I still find it hard to relay the information I come across in a timely fashion. By the time I get around to writing an article on a topic, its either been talked to death on other pages or I’ve come across something even more exciting to write about. I’m going to be re-designing soon. I also want to incorporate other tools I’ve found that are useful in relaying timely information to readers. This site will always be a work in progress, but hopefully the future changes will allow for more frequently updated content. Content that reflects a stream of conscious research on various topics.

When I write a blog article I want the content to be quality. I don’t really believe the main article section should be used to toss up random crap or short blurbs. Posts should be well thought out and contribute to the available information and knowledge. I will be experimenting with micro-blogging options in the future to serve up bite sized information. So yeah, sorry I haven’t posted much lately… but expect more soon.